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Kelly Kerssens

Boxtel, The Netherlands, 7th of November 1981



2005 - 2007, B.A. at Academy for Visual Arts and Teaching Art Academy (part time education, first degree teacher's agreement, fully qualified as a CKV and art teacher), Tilburg

2003 - 2004, St. Lukas Art Academy, (full time), Gent (B)

2003, St. Joost Art Academy, (full time), Breda

1999 - 2003, Academy for Visual Arts and Teaching Art Academy (full time), Tilburg



2013, Dazzling Snow Collective, Collage and Installation art, initiated by Dimitry de Graaf & Kelly Kerssens, Amsterdam

2010 - 2012, Stichting THE BOOKSTORE FOUNDATION, a social renewal project in Amsterdam-west which combines artists in recidences with social design in urban renewal areas, Kelly Kerssens was one of the two BOOKSTORE initiaters and project leaders, Amsterdam

2008, Running my own "Installation and Performance Cocktail Bar" at Kunstpodium T during the starting year of this initiative, Tilburg

2005 - 2012, The New Collagists (TNC), collage, installation and performance (art duo), Amsterdam      

2001 - 2003, 036 FORUM, Kelly Kerssens was one of the two initiaters, Tilburg                                   


2013, "An Evening at the Church", Kulter group exhibition at the Vluchtkerk, showing a big collage which was made by "Dazzeing Snow Collective", Amsterdam

2013, Group exhibition at Koningstheater, curated by Kelly Kerssens, including one of my own collages,


2012, "NO DIRECTION HOME", an exhibition by TNC, including a performance, BOOKSTORE project space, Amsterdam         

2012, "The Room is a Riot", performance by TNC, during a "To be present" project, curated by Annette van de Elzen, De Balie, Amsterdam

2011, "Breaking down professional sound systems", a performance by Kelly Kerssens during Bolo K, Bos and Lommer Kunst, Amsterdam        

2011, "We live underground",  for the occasion, 2 seperate performances were made by TNC. The two performances together functioned as one piece, De Verdieping, Amsterdam

2010, "The Curated Street" // A city landscape performance tour, performance evening in collaboration with 5 other artists, initiated by TNC, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam                            

2010, "The Occasional Steetshow Program", initiated by TNC, inviting several artists, performing all over the city, Amsterdam

2010, "The Honnybuzzard Performance Show", a small installation and perfromance by Kelly Kerssens, Amsterdam   2010, "An Act of Pateriotism", a performance by TNC at TNC's studio, Punt WG, Amsterdam

2010, "Serial Rape Cabin", performance by TNC at Woman Inc, Westergasfabrieken, Amsterdam

2009, "The Waiting Project", Installation and performance by TNC, during a group exhibition curated by Kevin Immanuel at RC De Ruimte, IJmuiden          

2009, "Learry Lennon Love", TNC performs at the Amrath Hotel, for this project TNC worked together with Kevin Immanuel (assisted bij Christoph Both Atmus), initiated by Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

2008, "A Delayed Birthday Present", a performance by TNC, Punt WG, Amsterdam

2008, "The Blue Show", a performance/installation by TNC, part of the Groove Tube Festival, Tilburg

2008, Solo exhibition at Kunstpodium t, Tilburg

2008, "The Complete Picture", group exhibition, including the performance "This is where the city Ends" by Kelly Kerssens, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg

2007, "The darkness in 3 Faces", collages and performance, Punt WG, Amsterdam

2007, Graduation exhibition at Academy for Visual Arts, Tilburg

2006, "The History of the New Wave", an installation with persormance by TNC, Hoenderopproject space, Tilburg   

2006, "Don't try to make sense" an installation and performance by Kelly Kerssens, L'aventura, Tilburg                 

2006, Solo exhibition at Atelier VA, Tilburg

2005, "All-in-the-mix", collage-installation, together with Dimitry de Graaf, Punct, Tilburg           

2002, "Kunst, Kitsch, Camp en Kermis", group exhibition, curated by Ernest Potters, Tilburg    

2002, "Festival van het Bronzen Blad", group exhibition with 036 FORUM, Tilburg

2002, Group exhibition "Casa Miranda", 036 FORUM, Tilburg 2002, "Call it Art", group exhibition by the Academy of Visual Arts, Weert                          




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