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My name is Kelly Kerssens (1981). I live and work in Amsterdam.


In my collage works I use pictures and patterns that I cut out of magazines, or copies of these, which I revised. The works show different images, fused together, sometimes combined with text. They are sober, playful and critical.  I do not only use paper in my works, but also paint, wood, styrofoam, plastic, fabric and found objects.

All my works are about my inner world, which is full of symbolism and childhood memories. Born as an idealistic dreamer, 

I like to hide in my dream world, in search of a connection with that fine line in between from where my work flows.                       


On this website I will show a selection of my works, made over the past years. You can also find some of my poems on this website. 









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(c) Kelly Kerssens


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